What are the most popular words you need to know while creating ad copies?

In 2016, the Google made one of the most huge changes called Expanded text ads, which doubles the ad maximum character counts.

Doesn’t matter which campaign you are in, it is an intrinsic truth choosing the right words is more important than anything when you use more words. But the question that arises is, what are the right words?

Like its is said, quality is primal than quantity.

We figured 10 popular words to be used while creating ad texts. In non branding text ads we figured the most appearing words were:











We figured three obvious words in the list “Your”, “Now” and “Free” but “Shipping” is accompanied by the word “Free” itself. It led us to reckon that the top performers lean towards e-Commerce than generating leads. We guess “Save” and “ Get” totally makes sense since they can be applied across B2C and B2B text ads as well.

Noticing words like “Save” and “ Free”, we can consider that shoppers are more conscious about cost and with “Get” and “Now” implies that customers want things fast. Making it all about you would be a wrong step, always make sure to make the ad copy speak about customers and not yourself every time. Use of second pronouns would be smart.
There is point when you will struggle writing the best ad copy, remember four magical words: “Now Get Your Free!”

What are the best Call to Action to be used?

CTA which means “call to action” is one of the most important components of the ad copy. If it is not in one of the headlines of your ad text then you are doing it wrong! It would be great if you can just squeeze it in the URL paths or description.

Wondering what is Call to Action?

A bit of language that is to be added to the ad text copy that tells the searcher which action they can take also when and how! The CTA should be vertical, offering and audience specific, figuring out the right CTA isn’t a hard task all you need to do is think smartly.

The advertisers fails to drive action explicitly in the branded text ad which is why we have excluded branded ads in analysis.

The purpose of adwords is to tell targeted audience that we exist, not incite click. Many advertisers use text like billboards atop the Search Engine Result Page.

The most popular “call to action” for non-branded text ad were” if the website is about selling products then obviously “Shop” and “Buy” are the CTAs. If the purpose is to increase the number of leads, probably it’s your “call to action” uses the likes of “Sign up” or “Learn” or “Discover”.
We noticed that the most used “Call to action” is “Get”.

Also, trying “Click here” will get your ad disapproved.

Why SEO Take Long to Start Working?

When thinking about any keyword that is related or significant to your business, it is a general understanding that Google would make it appear in the first few results of the SERPs ( search engine result page) when it is searched. However, there are many competitors of your business in the same industry, and perhaps Google can show only 10 results for a keyword query on their first page.
And making sure that your website outranks your competitors who are going after similar keywords requires a well thought strategic industry leadership to be implemented on your website.
Even with high-value content updated overtime and good DA(Domain Authority) relevant backlinks, seeing no results immediately could be discouraging. But, the truth is that it can take 4-6 months of steadily publishing of high-value content to be at par with the competition. And most importantly, never give up if you want to see SEO results.
SEO is just like a 401k plan, as it requires an investment of time and effort continually for a longer time span, and then you can earn incremental gains converting to considerable gains in the near future. Moving forward with the same mindset for SEO is the best way to see results.

However, here is how your SEO(Search Engine Optimization) efforts might look in the initial months:why seo takes long to start working
Month 1
– Research and discovery of website with website audit, keyword strategy & planning: After research and discovery, all the technical changes can be made in the first month.

Month 2 – Website modifications are then made based on the site’s audit results. Along with that other SEO activities like building content and working on the link profile is happening, but you won’t be seeing any results until all the changes are finished.

Month 3 – Now focus on content creation in the form of blogging, FAQs, articles, company information, etc. Now, you might start seeing some improvements in rankings and the ranks converting into leads or sales then even better, but you wouldn’t necessarily expect them yet.

Month 4 – Content creation and the optimization of the website(which may include cleaning up low-quality links)have to be done to see the healthy development of link profile of the website. And by the end of this month improvements can be seen in the rankings, traffic and lead generation. It may not be any drastic improvement, but you will know that SEO is working.

Month 5 – In this month by incorporating social media management into your plan the content and traffic can be increased. Continuing with content creation and engaging in PR or any media outreach will amplify your traffic and leads generation and make your SEO all the more strong.

Month 6 –If your traffic has reached a target visitors of 5000 or more then we can benefit more from adding conversion rate optimization along with maintaining the existing SEO efforts which include your activities on content creation and promoting that content.

The results delivered at the end of the 1st year will be relatively more than the results at the end of the 6th month. Moreover, you may see your results go down if no continual work is done. So assistance of a Digital Marketing Agency can be taken in this regard.


Social Media Marketing for Business

Over the years, the techniques of marketing have changed and become better as new technologies were introduced to the world. With the rise of Social Media platforms, a new marketing technique came into existence called Social Media Marketing.

What is that!?

It is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote an organization’s product or service. Two Terms, “e-marketing” and “digital marketing” are still dominating, however, social media marketing is gaining popularity around the world.

Various social networking websites enable individuals and organizations to interact with one another and build relationships, create online communities, etc. The advantage is that, when organizations join these communities, consumers can interact with them directly. This way consumers receive a personal touch from the organizations, which traditional methods of outbound marketing and advertising can never provide.

Social networking websites are focused on building virtual communities that enable consumers to express their needs, wants and values online. Whereas, Social Media Marketing acts as a bridge that connects these consumers and audiences to businesses that can fulfill their needs, wants, etc.

For companies or organizations, personal interaction on social networking websites can provide a feeling of loyalty into followers and potential customers. These websites can also provide information like what type of products or services the audience is interested in.

How to do Social Media Marketing? 

In general, we have two strategies for using social media as a marketing tool:

  1. Passive Approach

Social media can be a very useful source when it comes to market information and also a way to hear customer perspective. Platforms where consumer shares their feedback, compliments, etc., are Blogs, Content Communities and Forums. The feedback that organizations receive from these platforms helps in planning marketing strategies. This is one of the cheapest ways to obtain market information.

  1. Active Approach

The advantage of Social Media is that, it can also be used as a communication channel, targeting very specific audiences with the help of social media influencers and social media personalities. With the help of tools like Google Adsense, advertisers can target their ads to a specific audience or demographics, like people who are interested in entrepreneurship, video gaming, etc. Google Adsense can help us with this by searching for keywords in social media users online posts and comments. It can be very difficult for a TV station or newspaper company to target audience in this way.

Social networks in general is viewed as a great tool for avoiding costly market research. They provide a short, fast and direct way to reach an audience through a person who is widely known.

The two platforms, which are considered as the best social media marketing platforms are Facebook and Linkedln. Some other social media platforms are Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.

Engagement is very important, when it comes to Social Media Marketing. It simply means, that your audience is interacting with your content. This shows, that how many active followers you have. Engagement in social media is divided into two parts.

First is Proactive that is, posting new content online on a regular basis and second is Reactive that is, responding to the users who sends a message on social media platforms. Traditional media platforms such as TV news shows are limited to one-way interaction with customers. Newspapers (another form of traditional media), do give its readers an option to send a letter with feedback, but is very slow process. Social media is participative and open for all. Users can share their views in an instant on various things like brands, products, services, etc.

In today’s modern world, if you want to grow your business at a high rate, Internet presence of your organization is a MUST. With social media marketing, you can reach a wider group of audience, when compared to traditional media marketing.