Facebook vs Google Adwords

Facebook Ads and Google Adwords are considered as rivals but the advertisers are taking full advantage of both the platforms when it comes to promoting their client’s products and services.

Let’s discuss the benefits, these two platforms provide.

Advantages of Google Adwords

Google is the world’s most popular search engine and is considered as a leader in online advertising. Approximately 3.5 billion search queries are made every day. Advertisers receive access to an unprecedented and unequaled potential audience of users who are looking for products and services on an active basis. The various benefits of Google Adwords are:

  1. An Immense Audience

According to me, one of the main advantages of using Google as an advertising platform is its immense reach. No search engine has the capability to provide the potential audience that Google can. That’s why Google is popular among advertisers when it comes to PPC platform.

2. A Level Playing Field

One misconception that new players in the field of PPC have is that a person who has a  larger budget automatically wins. However, with Adwords, quality and relevance of ads are more focused than the advertising budget. An ad, which is more relevant to the user, he or she is likely to have a better experience.


  1.    Wide Range of Ad Formats

Even though PPC ads in Adwords remain text-based but advertisers can take advantage of numerous features to make their ads more compelling to customers. Some options that Adwords provide to users are site links, Ad extensions, social proofing, etc.  The platform has also launch specific ad formats for certain type of businesses.

Google is actively implementing new ad formats and features, enabling advertisers to reach new consumers.  


Advantages of Facebook Ads

  1. Global Audience

Facebook with more than 1.55 billion active users, the platform has no rival when it comes to the enormity of its audience. Users share almost everything about their life and also search for things related to their interest. This provides advertisers an opportunity to promote the various products and services on Facebook.


  1. A Visual Platform

When it comes to visual, Facebook Ads are more powerful than Google Adwords. The platform provides advertisers to add videos, images and other visual content to their ads. This helps in providing quality content to the desired audience and improve the results.


  1.   Incredible ROI

Marketers or even businesses, playing with Facebook Ads are often impressed by the various targeting options that the platform provides as well as tools to create engaging ads. One element that attracts people is the rate of ROI in the ads.  Facebook ads are affordable, especially when considering their impact with which advertisers can target the desired audience. For small businesses, Facebook Ads is very beneficial because of its affordable feature.

The good thing is that at Digital IMC, we use both platforms for advertising the various products and services of our clients. We have a vast experience and experts who are capable of providing great results. To know more about our services, check the Services page on our website.

5 tips for choosing a domain

To make a good first impression, you must have a great domain name. Undoubtedly, the name of your company is the face of your brand. The name is the first thing, that your audience sees or hears about you. So, it is very important to choose a business name that is eye-catching.


In today’s online world, your business name matters equally, both online and offline. It is critical to take time for doing the research before choosing the domain name of your company/business.


The following tips can assist you in your research:


  1.   BEFORE registering your company name, pick domain name!


   A business website is a must in today’s modern world. So, it is very important that before launching your website, you should register your domain name, so that you don’t lose it to someone else. Buying your desired domain name from a third party can be quite expensive in comparison to a registered domain selling company.


  1.    You should be open to all options

       Choosing the appropriate domain name is very important. A complex name can cause trouble for your audience to visit your website. However, a simple domain name can be easily remembered by them. You must be flexible because you will be surprised at what you might find. Try evaluating options like Localized, Keyword, Phrase, etc.


  1. Assess your Long-Term Goals

   Don’t have a mindset like, “Once we make it big, I will buy the domain name that I really want.” You must take time in the early stages of your business for choosing a domain name that will stick with you for a long-term.     


  1. Choose domain extension carefully

    The left and right before/after the DOT are equally important. So, you must be careful when it comes to domain extension.


  1. Domain Name Suggestion Tool

   Thank you to the Internet, we can find a lot of domain name suggestion tools. Give a try to this tool and who knows, you might find the perfect domain for your business. A relevant domain name can help you stand out from the crowd.


So, in conclusion, you only have one shot at creating a great first impression and if you want to dominate online, it starts with a domain name. Don’t treat choosing a domain name as a minor task. It should be part of your major task list.  


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Channel Membership to more creators – Youtube

During Vidcon, Youtube announced that they will be launching new ways for creators with appropriate subscribers to monetize their content and channel. The company is trying to improve the revenue generation system for its creators.


Three new ways were introduced by Youtube during Vidcon. One of the methods is opening channel membership (earlier called subscriber memberships) to more creators. They also announced a new video format, which is kind of similar to Facebook’s video format.


Youtube’s Chief Product Officer, Mr. Neal Mohan, says that our platform is a way through which everyone can share their views. That’s why the company is investing a lot of time in developing better tools for creators/youtubers so that they can provide better content to their audience.


Things Youtube announced:


  1. Channel Memberships

Subscriber Membership is now being called Channel Membership. It is a sponsorship programme, introduced by Youtube and is eligible to those creators, who has 100,000 subscribers or more.


  1. Merchandising options for  creators

    Youtube has decided to partner up with Teespring to offer creators a platform for merchandising. The creators can customize around 20 items and sell via their channel. The company (Youtube) also plans to expand this option to more creators.


  1. Premieres Video Format

   The name sounds familiar to Facebook’s Premieres Video and also provide same features. Premieres is a video format, which allows creators to upload Pre-recorded videos as Live videos. On Youtube, this video format is beneficial for those creators who are a part of  Channel Membership.


Youtube claims that the number of creators who earn 5-figures has been increased by 35 percent and the number of creators who earn 6-figures is up by 40 percent. Even though the stats look good but it will be interesting to witness how Instagram’s IGTV affects the creators on Youtube.


Instagram currently has  1 billion active monthly users, which is just half of Youtube 1.9 billion user base. The launch of IGTV can create a tough competition for Youtube as Instagram is planning to attract as many influencers and creators it can on its platform.


At Digital IMC, we like to provide latest updates in the marketing world to our clients, so that our clients stay up to date and understand different platforms through which his business can grow. Check out our Services page, to find out, what type of marketing services are we providing to our clients.


Top 5 Benefits of Google Adwords

Google’s advertising platform is called Google Adwords. This platform improves the visibility of the product or brand. Google Adwords itself is an advantage for advertisers for increasing the process of revenue generation. Adwords has also launched many features on its platform, leading to more benefits.


Some benefits of using Google Adwords for businesses are:


  1. Increase Brand Awareness

Earlier, brand awareness was done using methods like newspapers, billboards, radio, TV, etc. These methods were providing results for the B2C model but not for B2B model. Digital Advertising such as Google Adwords, has revolutionized the way brands do their advertising.


With the help of Google Adwords, businesses can advertise their products or services to the desired audience, while they are searching for the product or service. One good thing about this platform is that it allows businesses to target their desired audience.


  1.  Faster Result than SEO

With the help of Google Adwords, businesses can get better results than Search Engine Optimization. More traffic can be generated to their website or landing page, which can turn into sales leads.  The quality score of the keyword, landing page experience and expected CTR, determines the position of the ad. Therefore, with proper optimization of the Adwords, great ROI can be generated.


  1. Outrank your Competition

Brand fights are very common when it comes to advertising/marketing. Google Adwords provides a smarter way to compete with the competition. Adwords provides a comparative report regarding the number of times, a competitor’s Ad has outranked your ad on Google.  


  1. Influencing the Audience to make Purchase

It is very important for businesses to influence the decision of people, who are visiting the website. Remarketing ads with Google Adwords is one of the simplest processes which is very effective. The audience, visiting from any source on your website, can be categorized in the platform.


  1. Increase ad-visibility to the high-quality audience

It is possible with AdWords to show the ad to the audience, which is likely to make a purchase. Any type of audience, before making a purchase, will definitely research the product or service. The option of Ecpc, that is, Enhanced Cost per Click) has to be selected. The bid will be adjusted based on previous conversion data and the combination of various information like location, device, model, etc.


At Digital IMC, Google Adwords is one tool, which is our backbone. It was the platform on the basis of which we started the agency. We have a vast experience and provide great results for our clients. Visit Search Engine Marketing to know more about our service.  

6 benefits of Facebook Marketing

Facebook was started as a platform, purely for connecting people with their friends, family, relatives, etc. However, Today! Facebook has also become a platform for promoting brands, services, products, etc.

Marketers are always searching for different ways to engage with customers. The way Facebook started connecting people, it caught the attention of the marketing world. Apart from creating a personal profile on Facebook, the platform also gave an opportunity to create Pages like for a business.

Now, Facebook’s platform has become a very important medium for every business to promote itself. Through Facebook, companies generate leads, which has the potential to convert into loyal customers.

The 6 benefits of Facebook Marketing for a business are:

  1. Massive Exposure on Global Scale

Currently, the platform has around 1.2 billion users…a very huge number. Facebook offers provides various ways for marketing like pages, groups, ads, etc. The business/company page is considered as the most popular way to represent an individual or a business. Users can join the group and engage with the business. Facebook ads have also gained popularity. The Ads platform helps the business to show the ad to the desired audience.


  1. Low Cost of Marketing

When it comes to small businesses, it is quite expensive for them to maintain a website for their business. However, Facebook Page can be created for free and content can be uploaded at any time. Another thing that is beneficial for small businesses is Facebook ads. These ads are quite budget-friendly. There are different bases on which ads can be charged. However, CPM and CMC are the two popular charging methods.

CPM stands for Cost Per Million and CMC stands for Cost Per Click.

Users can set a limit on the daily amount they are willing to spend on an ad. This helps in keeping the marketing budget in control. You can always modify the ad campaign, even though it went Active.


  1. Enables You to Target Potential Customers

The unique ability of Facebook ads is that it allows you to choose the audience as per your specification. For example, to advertise for men clothing, you can target men as an audience in different age groups and the ad can be seen only by men on Facebook.

  1. Helps in Developing Brand Loyalty

Facebook enables a business to engage with its audience. It is very easy to reply back to your audience, which helps in building loyalty. Quick customer interaction shows that your customer support is effective and that you really care about your customers.

  1. Increasing Web Traffic

You can also guide Facebook users towards your website by providing suitable links. These users are likely to be more engaging on the website since they are visiting it voluntarily.

  1. Facebook Insights – Tool for Analysing

Once you have successfully launched an ad, Facebook Insights can help you with keeping track of the ad. It shows data on the number of likes, reach of your post, people engaged, etc. Also, some useful data about individual post’s performance is also made available.

Facebook Adverts Manager, enables you to track a range of performance metrics, which helps in measuring the impressions, reach and frequency.  It also measures the number of times certain actions have been done like page likes, posting comments, sharing, etc.

At Digital IMC, we have a vast experience when it comes to running Facebook Ads. We have delivered great results for our clients and helped in the growth of the business through digital marketing. Underestimating the potential of digital marketing can be very costly for a business.

So, it is very important that you must consult a marketing expert regarding the opportunities that digital marketing can create for you!

Instagram TV (IGTV) – Video App by Instagram


On Wednesday, 20th June 2018, Instagram, the photo and short video sharing platform launched another app, called Instagram TV. The purpose of this new app is to allow creators to upload a video which is 1-hour longer.

According to CEO Kevin Systrom (Instagram), it’s time for evolution in the video world. They created IGTV with an idea in mind that people should be able to watch long-duration videos from their favorite Instagramers.

How does this new application works?

The benefit of IGTV is that it allows anyone to become a creator, not just celebrities. People can only upload vertical videos through IGTV. The disadvantage for smaller or new accounts is that they can’t upload 1-hour duration videos. This feature will be available only for popular accounts.

The app is available globally on two operating systems: IOS and Android. Within the app, viewers will be able to browse through a variety of videos, created by the creators they are following or not following. Users will also get notifications from IGTV when a new video is posted by the creators they are following.

No Commercials YET!

Currently, IGTV is not allowing any type of commercials or post boosting. However, the CEO mentioned during the launch even speech, the company will develop a way to monetize content, created by the creators in the future. Creators are also no being paid by Instagram for any videos created like Facebook tried doing it to jump-start its flopped Facebook Watch video hub.

Comparing to September 2017, when Instagram reported 800 million users, today, Instagram’s user based is approximately 1 billion users. IGTV has the possibility to become popular with creators for not only trying to make an income from this platform but also to grow their audience. It is expected that Instagram will be going to develop a monetization option for IGTV creators, including ad revenue shares.

Advertiser’s attention can also be caught due to the big user base. Marketing analysts are already predicting that Instagram can earn around $5.48 billion in U.S ad revenue in 2018. Just because of this prediction, Facebook’s share price is up over 2.2%.

As we are observing a trend, where teenagers are quitting television for online video platforms like Netflix, Twitch, etc., IGTV has an opportunity to become the next TV for mobile devices. Youtube may still remain the bigger brand in video content industry but IGTV, with a suitable strategy, has a chance of giving competition to Youtube when it comes to mobile applications.

With the launch of this new application, it gives us (Digital IMC), a new platform to explore and help our clients to grow their business. We always believe that more online marketing platforms result in producing better results for our clients.

We are a digital marketing agency, which is already dominating when it comes to Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. Along with ads, we also provide services like Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Marketing Consulting and Design-and-Development.