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What are the most popular words you need to know while creating ad copies?

In 2016, the Google made one of the most huge changes called Expanded text ads, which doubles the ad maximum character counts.

Doesn’t matter which campaign you are in, it is an intrinsic truth choosing the right words is more important than anything when you use more words. But the question that arises is, what are the right words?

Like its is said, quality is primal than quantity.

We figured 10 popular words to be used while creating ad texts. In non branding text ads we figured the most appearing words were:











We figured three obvious words in the list “Your”, “Now” and “Free” but “Shipping” is accompanied by the word “Free” itself. It led us to reckon that the top performers lean towards e-Commerce than generating leads. We guess “Save” and “ Get” totally makes sense since they can be applied across B2C and B2B text ads as well.

Noticing words like “Save” and “ Free”, we can consider that shoppers are more conscious about cost and with “Get” and “Now” implies that customers want things fast. Making it all about you would be a wrong step, always make sure to make the ad copy speak about customers and not yourself every time. Use of second pronouns would be smart.
There is point when you will struggle writing the best ad copy, remember four magical words: “Now Get Your Free!”

What are the best Call to Action to be used?

CTA which means “call to action” is one of the most important components of the ad copy. If it is not in one of the headlines of your ad text then you are doing it wrong! It would be great if you can just squeeze it in the URL paths or description.

Wondering what is Call to Action?

A bit of language that is to be added to the ad text copy that tells the searcher which action they can take also when and how! The CTA should be vertical, offering and audience specific, figuring out the right CTA isn’t a hard task all you need to do is think smartly.

The advertisers fails to drive action explicitly in the branded text ad which is why we have excluded branded ads in analysis.

The purpose of adwords is to tell targeted audience that we exist, not incite click. Many advertisers use text like billboards atop the Search Engine Result Page.

The most popular “call to action” for non-branded text ad were” if the website is about selling products then obviously “Shop” and “Buy” are the CTAs. If the purpose is to increase the number of leads, probably it’s your “call to action” uses the likes of “Sign up” or “Learn” or “Discover”.
We noticed that the most used “Call to action” is “Get”.

Also, trying “Click here” will get your ad disapproved.

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